Now hiring additional Web Designers / Developers

We are pleased to announce that, after successfully employing 2 Web designers/developers, we are looking for additional Innovation Institute’s web development team members (students and/or professionals). Apply before October 23rd, 2015.

2015 Summer Global Business Conference

2015 Summer Global Business Conference will be held in Solaris Resort in Croatia (September 30th – October 03rd, 2015). We are pleased to welcome world renowned prof. Hair as the lecturer on PLS SEM. Learn more at

Leadership Program: Business and Tech – Open for Enrollment

Program analyzes challenges and benefits for companies competing as a platform and/or on a platform; and how to utilize technologies to enhance individualized value for customers. March 21-24, 2016.

Market Research Colloquium – open for enrollment

World’s leading professor on data analyses – prof. Joe Hair – lectures on PLS Structural Equation Modelling for academics, data analysts and data-driven managers. Apply before September 14th, 2015 to receive early-registration benefits.